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Trading Post (risky edition)

Great Panther (GPR.to) up 9.5% at $0.92 and US Silver (USA.v) up 10% at $0.165. That leverage factor is making all the difference today, as the market works out that even the high cash cost vehicles can make decent money at these prices.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) up 9.5% at $0.69 as yet again the market proves it’s full of saps that will buyabsolutely anything. I can’t wait for the 3q09 earnings report guys! Only another $2.31 to go before the losers at GATA are saved from its half priced 2010 bonanza.

Ecometals (EC.v) down 3.6% at $0.40. Well there’s a thing…on a day like today, too. Hoodathunkit.

Rusoro (RML.v) up 3.4% at $0.455 which is by no means the biggest mover of the day, but the two million shares traded really grabs the attention. Regular reader (and all-round smart dude) RB wrote in today and said (extracted):

You have posted lately that the Parallel rate is dropping. I thought that this may have a positive effect on RML’s bottom line if I am correct in my theory about exchange rates

I agree, RB. The lower parallel rate should (repeat ‘should’) mean that RML suffers a lower discount to spot than in 2q09 (when it ran at a whopping 34%). We’re looking for something in the 15% to 18% to give RMl some sexy bottom line numbers. For sure the Venezuela exposure makes it not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s way way cheap at today’s PPS. DYODD.

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