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Trading Post (sand in your eyes edition)

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down 4.1% at $0.70 and here’s a map of how this thing gets recommended by its scammy pumpers.
Anybody interested in an ECU.to placement sweepstakes? I say 60c plus half a warrant at 80c….any other ideas out there? i’m still short, BTW. No point in covering til the financing is announced. GO HALF PRICED GATA!

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 0.5% at $2.08 and displaying an attribute of solid companies that I always look for; that of grace under pressure.

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) down 15.1% at $9.50 on heavy volumes. My best bet is that there’s more downside to come but I’m not short the stock, let’s make that clear. Not long, either, just avoiding as always, be that right or wrong. Fundamental DD and opinion on Sunday, subbers.

Rusoro (RML.v) down 5.7% at $0.50 and getting some just desserts from the scumball trick pulled by Agapov Senior. I’m glad to say that one treasured subscriber got the 57c out yesterday before the real downmove began. Meanwhile note another 4.8m insider sales filed today…that’s about 6.2m total (i think). Really disgusting way of treating shareholders, made even worse by the late late filing of trades that date back to September. I hope the normally whussy OSC slaps an exemplary fine on his tush, not the toothless grand or so of always.

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