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Trading Post (Segway safety issues edition)

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 4.8% at $1.30 on 3X volumes. O RLY?
Cream Minerals (CMA.v) up 60% at 12c on 4m shares traded so far and the market is willing to pay the full 12c whack that EDR.to is offering for the company, which is its own clue as to how this story might evolve in the near future. FWIW after checking out the property book held at CMA this humble scribe thinks there’s plenty of room for a counter-offer or deal sweetening here. UPDATE: here’s a take on the deal from Haywood.
Iron Creek Capital (IRN.v) up 13.2% at $0.60 and good to see 330k shares traded in this already today.
Antioquia Gold (AGD.v) down 12.9% at $0.27 on heavier than usual vols and the back of drill results that didn’t stand up to all the whispers and BS hype that this company has been getting (probably about these same drill numbers) in the last couple of weeks. So for those of you snagged by the hype, just remember where you heard the “can’t fail” rumour and strike that person or company from your list of worthwhile sources. FWIW I heard the same rumours but the sources were the usual BSsers and it was very but very easy to ignore this one. PT Barnum is alive and well and living in Vancouver.

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