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Trading Post (sharp and pointy edition)

Jaguar Mining (JAG) down 10% at $2.22. Bot yesterday at $2.62, and my next book will be entitled “The Stupidity of Trying to Catch Falling Knives” by Otto Rock Esq. However there is a limit to my cowardice and this time it’s time to make a stand. I’m still holding the chunkette I bot yesterday and now I’m waiting to see how low it can go. Once it bottoms out I’m going to average down on JAG. Not something I do very often, but this share price is now in the realms of the very, very cheap.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) has been beaten back down to under $0.50 in the last few days and currently sits at $0.455. Once again back in the obvious buy range. The FVI 3q08 report is published tomorrow 14th November.

Crystallex (KRY):Twenty-two bottles of beer on the wall, twenty-two bottles of beer; take one down and pass it around, twenty-one bottles of beer on the waaaaaaaaall.

Copper sisters FCX and PCU were green all morning but are now following the Dow and the broad markets down into red territory. Samo samo….

UPDATE: YAY!, grabbed a nice chunk of JAG at $2.20 just before the Dow decided to rally. I shudda bot PCU or FCX looking at things (both up 11% now after being negative on the day), but a good buy is a good buy. Goodbye.

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