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Trading Post (shoot myself in the chest edition)

The only question I have is “Do I now triple down on JAG?”. My position is medium sized and 15% underwater. JAG is ragingly cheap ($2.04 on dull volume today), but does it get raginglier cheaper soon? Still humming & hahing here…the last thing i want is to get sucked into this cwazy wabbit market just by being a value investor freak. To be clear, JAG is my only trading position now bar cash.

Amerigo Resources (AAAAARGH.to) down 10% (again) and typical of the action out there. Heavy PPS loss on fair volumes. Plenty more like this to choose from. Pick yer own and tell me ’bout it.

Gold Reserve (GRZ) has picked up a few % points yesterday and today, mainly on the back of a fair quarterly filing that pointed out the company has over a buck of free cash per share, just under a buck of restricted cash and intriguingly is trying to buy back its own paper (at around 20c on the dollar, if I’m not mistaken). The interesting one here is that if GRZ is “invited to leave” its Las Brisas gold project by Venezuela, precedent shows that Hugo has paid out book value on nationalized property (CANTV, Cement things, SIDOR, things like that). That would make GRZ buying its own paper at a heavy discount a very smart move, would it not?

Meanwhile at Crystallex: “21 bottles of beer on the wall, 21 bottles of beer…take one down and pass it around, there’s 20 bottles of beer on the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall.”

Exeter Resources (XRA) (XRC.v) down 9.5% at $1.30. All that money splashed on the site visit and da boyz show no love. Sad innit, Yale?

Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) now $0.55. Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.

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