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Trading Post (small and popping edition)

Strait Gold (SRD.v) up 15.4% at 7.5c and Pandoro (PML.v) up 11.1% at 25c. These two tiddlers have got together on the deal over a Peru copper/gold asset and you can read about in this PR. We will be going into detail about this in IKN23, out Sunday. For the moment we’ll sum things up in one word: Interesting.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) down 0.8% at $3.85. DMM releases solid, factual good news and the market yawns. A sparrow farts close to an idiots-only Ecuador pump job like EC.v and it zooms 20% either way. Go figure yourself, but I still prefer the boring side of the street.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) down 7.7% at C$1.93 with raised but not massive volumes. The Aussie listing runs this stock and so the dot TO version will just do what its big brother did while it was asleep. There’s a chance to buy cheaply here, which is good. The issue is whether there’ll be a chance to buy cheaper later.

Kinross (KGC) up 3.2% at U$21.99. The weirdest story about K today hit bloomberg entitled “Kinross May Boost Gold Production 57% Within 5 Years“. My immediate reaction was “or perhaps production will only increase 54.5%…. or maybe a bit less…. or maybe outperforming an impressive 58.214%”. When you read it you see that all the dumbass reporter has done is assume that six pipeline projects in South America come online as scheduled, something as as likely as the hole in my trasero healing up. Included is the economically very dubious Cerro Casale white elephant up in the frozzy dry wastes of Chile (plenty of ounces, no idea how to get ’em out) and Fruta Del Norte in Ecuador, a place where exploitation permits will only start to get handed out 2012, which cuts three years out of the timeline before drawing a second breath. Really, what’s the point of this type of bandwidth-waste? Bloomie hacks should really stick to what they do best, which is….. errrrrrrrr………….. mmmmmmmm….drinking coffee.

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