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Trading Post (sneaking suspicions edition)

Riverside Resources (RRI.v) up 25.5% at $0.69 on good volumes and making my day. We’re in a market which will eventually reward the good companies, the trick is to identify them early and then just wait. RRI is highly regarded by peers and seems to be on a good thing in Az. I own.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 1.5% at $2.01. This one was up further at the bell, probably because ‘hot hand’ analyst at the can of corn, Nicholas CampbellSoup, reco’d it with a $4.75 price target before the bell today. Message to CampbellSoup: Take more care with your templates next time, as you left the word ‘Silverstone’ in there, dumbass.

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) down 2% at $9.57 and the most interesting fear/greed battle of the day out there. Relatively low volumes (compared to Friday at least) suggest that fear is winning out. We did a whole feature in yesterday’s IKN Weekly on the travails at VEN, the conclusion being that the company has a significant problem. I just wonder how long it’ll be before that problem is recognized, because we’re not talking directly about the legal action here. DYODD. Disclosure: Not long, not short. Best call “avoid”.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down a penny at 68c. FWIW I covered my short this morning. Ridiculous stock run by out and out crooks and liars for dumbass people. Half priced GATA next year.

Salazar Resources (SRL.v) down 8.3% at $1.10 on very low volumes. If it weren’t in Ecuador it’d be one helluva stock to own. Mind you, if it weren’t in Ecuador it wouldn’t have those prospective VMS rocks, either. So if one clapping hand falls in the jungle, would a crouching tiger make any sound? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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