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Trading Post (snoozeday Tuesday edition)

Impact Silver (IPT.v) down 5% at $0.72 today but moved up 22% yesterday on strong volumes. The company has just released a PR reporting fair silver drill returns that you can find right here. IKN Weekly subscribers got a flash note this morning about this company and a views on it as an investment.

Capella Resources (KPS.v) down 36% at $0.43, but the scumbags will take this price as they’re clear on their scam warrants at 15c and clear on their scam shares at 6c. The toothless impotent OSC sits by and watches it happen. Vomitworthy; this stock should be halted.

Orvana (ORV.to) down 2.9% at $0.68. ORV is back in the fight to take over Kinbauri, challenging ATW Gold with a $0.75 cash offer for the company. Also, note shady dealer Vic and his JFC.to vehicle is up today on volume. Worth checking out this JFC.to PR (ty reader M) and also the one today. Plenty of intrigue and movin’shakin’ going on around this buyout fight now.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 4% at $1.30. Volumes tiny (natch) but plenty of action again in the stock overnight in Oz. Gotta love this one.

Vena Resources (VEM.to) up 11% at $0.40 and fighting hard. Good to see the resistance that VEM is putting up at this level, as every time it drops to the mid-30s it bounces back again. Volumes also low in Frankfurt and Lima today, which is more unusual than low trades in Canada.

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