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Trading Post (spread edition)

Los Andes Copper (LA.v) up 25% at $0.10. Earlier this morning a reader sent me this expandable screenshot…
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…saying “looky Otto…you could drive a truck thru that bid/ask spread”. That was true and now the stock is 320,000 papers traded (200k at 9c). This microdot has been on my radar for quite a while. The 10c price isn’t out of the ordinary but the volume is plenty higher than recently. Seems to be interest sniffing around the thing, too. DYODD.

Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) down 4.1% at $0.355. So scumbag Fifer resigns as CEO, moves himself to chairman (phat salary at your expense) and puts a guy in charge who drove Virgin Metals’ share price from 80c to 5c and for his ‘efforts’ was thrown out of his job by a dissident shareholder’s rebellion. This Davie guy ran Queenstake into the ground before that, too. Excuse me while I wet myself laughing.

Crown Point Ventures (CWV.v) up 2.2% at $0.46 on good volumes. CWV.v hit more paydirt with the 3rd of its three drills coming in positive. Promising newsflow and good crapshoot odds here going forward. Now let’s see what kind of resource number they can put together.

Dynasty (DMM.to) down 1c at $3.61 but the interesting bit is the volume, way higher than the norm at 228k traded. Washer must have impressed somebody in Denver.

Exeter (XRC.v) up 8.7% at $5.00. Don’t fight the Fed and don’t fight the can’o’corn pump merchants. The important thing in Frankenmarkets isn’t what something is worth, but whether it can shout loudly. I roll my eyes.

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