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Trading Post (Studmuffin in da house edition)

Dynasty Metals up 10% at $1.33. By the looks of the bid/ask action there’s more upside to come today even though volume is low. This is good. Volume too low for Otto to get in as yet. This is not so good. Watching and waiting. In no hurry here, as $1.50 a share is still dirt cheap. We want liquidity. Also waiting on GLD. Cudda got sub $77 today but decided not to move in. Still in cash, and the only trade that tempts today is DMM.to.

Corriente (CTQ.to) (ETQ) also doing well. Up 15% on lowish volumes. Studmuffin’s call to mining arms yesterday is getting love from the market….as well it should.

Kinross (KGC) (K.to) still impressive. For sure it’s also getting some boost from the Studmuffin pep talk, but it’s been the centre of attention for quite a while now. I hear all the main Canadian brokerages pumping the thing, too (though it’s very debatable on whether that’s a good or bad thing). Good volumes, and the dips got bot yesterday again.

Exeter (XRA) XRC.to down on low volumes, the Canadian stock at 1.67 loonie. When it gets to sub $1 then it might be worth looking at, until then it’s overhyped and overvalued. And hey wow!! Quel surprise!! Chairman Yale ControlFreak Simpson has just loaded up on hundreds of thousands of cheap options. Ain’t OPM great, yeah?

Meanwhile, The Albatross factor is in full swing. Colossus now hitting new 52wk lows at $0.45….

And Noront (NOT.v) also down today. Gotta love the Albatross.

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