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Trading Post (to da moon alice edition)

The latest and bestest theory about the sudden gold pop is that some or other central bank decided that it needed to cover the 200MT hole that the IMF sale to India has caused…or summink like dat. WTFDIK anyway, dude?

Riverside Resources (RRI.v) down 2% at $0.48 and I added some this morning. I like. You should too. We have until December to place bets before the drill results come back from the Az gig.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) up 5.5% at $4.25 and the news just out that the $6m financing has completed right on time and fully loaded cannot be a bad thing. I noted the can of corn buying DMM in the minutes just before the NR hit….pure coincidence of course.

A quick gallop and gambol round ‘the small silvers’, with Fortuna (FVI.v) up 9% at $1.70, Great Panther (GPR.to) up 2.8% at $0.73, First Majestic (FR.to) up 4.8% at $3.29, Endeavour (EDR.to) up 7.1% at $3.28, Impact Silver (IPT.v) up 6.3% at $0.85 and US Silver (USA.v) up 3.1% at $0.17. I remind viewers that ECU Silver is, by its own admission, not a silver producer and does not make the list. They view their company as an explorer…I view it as a total PoS scam and its paid pumpers in the same way…that means you, Adrian, Bill and Wistar.

Duran Ventures (DRV.v) down 3.2% at $0.15. This one was on my radar for a while until last year’s meltdown happened, then I kinda lost track of what it was up to. Word is that the new mgmt team in place are sprucing things up and getting things moving…..tough to get worse that the permajunior attitude that was in place previously. The Peru rocks look quite promising and although money is tight, DRV should have enough to get to first base if the results are promising. This has moved up 50% or so in the last few weeks (still a pennycrapper, mind you) and is now back on my radar. Not a buyer yet.

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