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Trading Post (Tom Watson tribute edition)

He’s not the leader tonight, but at 59 years old Tom Watson went round Turnberry (remember 1977?) in 65 shots today, he’s just one shot behind the leader, he whupped Tiger’s tush bigtime and deserves a standing ovation from all sports fan with a sense of history. Nice guys do come first occasionally, so Mr. Watson, I salute you.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 2.6% at $1.18 and just for a change has bid and ask just a penny from each other…miracles never cease. I’ll be mulling over the Sandstone news release in this week’s IKN Weekly…be there or be square.

Creston Moly (CMS.v) UNCH at 10c. Hahahahaaaaaaaa, what stupid sold-out dumbass reco’d this dog at the beginning of the year? LatAm’s worst base metals stock? Well, there’s a helluva lot of competition but CMS has to be up there vying for the title. This message goes out to someone who slags off this blog to all and sundry but still decides to come and read it every other day. And FYI I never open your e-mails either so don’t waste your time writing any more.

Fronteer Development (FRG) up 0.8% at U$3.83 and has bounced back in great style from the $3.10 numbers printed very recently (as recently as Monday, in fact). That’s the thing about cream; it tends to rise.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 7.8% at $0.97 and getting a lift from this morning’s strong news. Is there any need to tell you again that I like this stock? Nah, didn’t think so….DYODD.

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