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Trading Post (toppy Tuesday edition)

The Gold/Silver ratio stands at 67X right here right now. Remember that gold/silver ratio chart from Sunday? Meanwhile, for the first time in a long time we actually had a decent, solid and positive looking macro number from LatAm this morning. Chile’s IMACEC GDP estimate for April (one of the more reliable statistics out there) dropped 0.7% YoY, where economists* were expecting a 1.6% or 1.7% drop. This will likely reflect well on Peru GDP numbers that come out later this month. The possible wrinkle in the macro numbers is the economic decline felt by Chile this time last year due to its drought and subsequent energy crisis. This might be skewing Chile’s numbers to make them look better than they actually are.

Vena Resouces (VEM.to) up 3.5% at $0.29. Of the 65,000 shares traded in Vena Resources today, only 3,000 have changed hands in Canada. This thing continues to be accumulated quietly by Peru’s pension funds. You have been warned.

Troy Resources up a penny at $1.15 and now showing a correct arbitrage to the Aussie stock. I liked the insider purchase of 10k shares filed today as these guys don’t do things for show.

Cardero Resources (CDU.to) up 4.3% at C$1.45 on middling volume and still bubbling under without catching fire. Are you watching this thing, too? LOL…me too. I own a trading chunk of CDY and have a short-term trading timescale in mind. DYODD (or subscribe to The IKN Weekly:-)

Nadagold (NG) down a penny at U$2.82 and it’s all I can do to stop myself from trying to short this dog. Very tempting, but I don’t want to tie up any more cash right now. Still very tempting.

Creditcorp (BAP) up 1.8% at $53.28. This Peru bank is a good way to play macroeconomic strength in Twobreakfastland (even if it only turns out to be temporary). If, as I now suspect, the Peru April GDP number comes in solidly (around 15th May approx) this might be an option as a trade. DYODD and I don’t own…just a suggestion for those with the penchant. Here’s the 1 year chart.

*aka dumbasses in suits

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