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Trading Post (tragicomedic edition)

So on the one hand the market is recognizing the BS artists and pump specials in the junior gold world. Things like the fawned-over-by-industry-sheep Exeter (XRC.v) and the laughable Nadagold (NG) have been marked down heavily by the selling wave and spot gold knocking at the door of $900/oz instead of the (very) recent $1,000 or abouts levels.

On the other hand, more illiquid stocks have suffered the same time. Best case in point on my radar is Dynasty (DMM.to), down from the $5+ recent levels to sit at $4.26 right now. I’m interested in adding to my position if DMM.to goes under $4 so for me right now it’s in a bit of a limbo. The difference between a DMM.to and an XRC/NG (plenty of others to choose from) is the lack of pump-hype and the overdose of solid fundamentals at DMM.to.

Barrick (ABX) up 1,75% at U$28.47, not a bad performance on a gold down day, even though it was trading at $30 to $33 last week. Reuters is running this headline today on ABX. “Barrick hopes for speedy Pascua-Lama decision” which sounds positive enough. It’s just a pity that headline would have been equally valid in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 1% at $0.86. Your humble correspondent picked some of these up this morning at the right price. Glad to say that I’m back on board this very strong junior silver play. DYODD.

Petaquilla (PTQ.to) down 1.5% at $0.355. Only another thirty-five and a half cents to go before this disgrace of a mining company reaches its true value.

Cosan (CZZ) down 10.3% at $2.60.It’s been front’n’centre on my radar all morning and this level looks like a bottom, but I’m just too chicken to buy into it. I’m a coward for intraday stuff like this. A whuss, a yellow-streaked burro and so be it. I also get to sleep well at night.

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