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Trading Post (transparent disclosure only applies some of the time edition)

Fronteer Gold (FRG) up 0.84% at U$6.00. Your humble scribe had a fascinating e-mail exchange with Glen Edwards, director of communications at FRG, this morning. With luck one day I’ll be able to tell you all about it. Just waiting for a bit of clarification.

Baja Mining (BAJ.to) up 17.8% at $0.88 and the kind of reception that was expected, really. Caveat emptor, baby (see post below).

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) up 14.2% at $7.88. I’ll never understand capital markets. Ever.

Western Copper (WRN.to) down 3.5% at $1.11. After dropping for weeks on end WRN suddenly made a massive 40% upmove on Monday to $1.20 or so. Since then it’s just drifted. So what is this, some sort of newsletter pump with no legs, or is there decent news coming out regarding the previously denied Carmacks water permitting? Inquiring minds etc……..

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