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Trading Post (triumphant return edition)

Yeah, it’s back. I gave Trading Post a break for a fortnight, basically because I felt it was getting stale. Let’s see if we can be a little spunkier now.

Gold Hawk Resources (CGK.v) down 11% at $0.04 and back on the radar at this price. The stock has sold off some thanks largely to 1) a chunk of placement shares coming out of escrow and 2) lack of news on the financing front. This humble corner of cyberspace is a-rootin’ for a deal that will get Coricancha running again, but it’s up to management to deliver.

Meredith Whitney up 300% on her Goldman Sachs out-da munneh calls today. Shome mishtake shurely ossifer!

MAG Silver (MVG) (MAG.to) down 1.3% at U$4.67. What a dog this thing is! Hands up who remembers back to June 23rd when the BS, sneaky insider-selling management said that the reason the stock had underperformed was “..largely attributable to the capping effect of the Fresnillo offer” which had been withdrawn the day before. So how come the stock is totally UNCH in the 16 trading days since that “capping effect” of FRES supposedly disappeared? Answer: It’s still there, cos these dumbasses can’t sell their company to anybody else. It’s a pity there isn’t any Canadian brokerage honest enough to say “People, we f***ed up when we reco’d this to you” cos the spiel coming out now is “Aaaah, but just you wait til the drilling results and resource calcs start flowing in 3q09”. Bullshit is the motor of this market and my how it shows, Mr. Zed.

Radius Gold (RDU.v) UNCH at $0.155 and hasn’t traded today, but for a value play there must be worse out there. Volumes have sunk back to a trickle since pisspoor Casey pumped Ridgway a few weeks back….when they’ve bought back in we can expect the second helping…that’s how it works Duggie, right?

Nadagold up 9% at U$3.99 and this dog of dogs gets a bounce because Meredith said Goldman Sachs was cheap. Can somebody please explain how an uneconomic never-to-be-exploited greenfield that’s so North I can’t point that far and with a management team that treats its shareholders like battery hens can possibly benefit from this? Ay, que vida, che!

Gold Resource Corp (GORO.ob) up 3.1% at U$4.64. Great slideshow guys…where’s the permit? Still no permit? I’m sure you said you’d have the permit by now…what’s the problem with the permit?

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