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Trading Post (“what goes up…” edition)

This may sound all hokey to you, but when I get correspondence such as “…thanks for exhorting me to take some cash off the table, one of my many weaknesses..” (reader GB referring to this post yesterday) it makes it all worthwhile. I just hope GB did what he said he’d do yesterday.

Here’s the kopper korner: Right now FCX is down 6%, PCU is down 5.% and yesterday’s example stock Capstone (CS.to) is down 8.5%. Let it be repeated; “DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE PROFITS IN A BEAR MARKET”. Spot copper is down 3% on “demand fears” today…..errr, what did I say about bear markets again?

Colossus (CSI.to) up again, now at $1.30. After the bell yesterday CSI.to announced its 2009 drill program at Serra Pelada was underway. So be it. I still say ‘avoid’ and the more I read about this thing the leerier I get. You should get reading, too. It’s called DD…do it.

Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) at $0.55. To prove every dog has its day, this thing has moved 30% or so with the rest of the junior gold field. What’s that one about rising tides? Check the insider filings for 2008 and you’ll see just how underwater CEO Fifer really is. Man the bilges, shipmates!

Nadagold up at $2.27. It made a very big move yesterday on the back of the news about the extra bonus share giveaway that has put $75m in the company coffers instead of the original $60m. Who cares that the big projects won’t ever be built and the company has already proved itself incapable of running a gold mine properly? Answer: Nobody (except boring fuddyduddy fundamental analysts who search long-term stock value like me). Just get the money, boyz.

Cornerstone Capital (CGP.v) UNCH at $0.075. I stared and stared at this when it went low recently, but didn’t pull the trigger. I saw it get the Caseypump treatment when at 5c, but did nothing. I mentioned it to a couple of e-mail pals at the time and didn’t move on it. It’s still there, looking at me and saying, “Hey look at me, Otto! I’m good value for the Ecuador mining law good news just down the path.” There are worse pennycrappers out there, that’s for sure.


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