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Trading Post (will be offline for 90 minutes very soon edition)

There’s a match on, y’see.

Gammon Gold (GRS) (GAM.to) down 2.4% at U$6.03. So tell me, is today’s 52 week low a good or a bad sign? (and welcome to idiot longs from Germany today, tuning in to the CotD earlier). Wir lieben Schafe.

Pediment Gold (PEZ.to) down 3.1% at $1.24 on nothing volumes. Thoughts haven’t changed on this since IKN59, subbers.

Focus Ventures (FCV.v) up 4.8% at $0.33 and even though volumes are low and not much of a signal, these last couple of weeks strongly suggest that FCV is putting in a bottom. Worse ultra-spec punt plays out there at these prices.

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) UNCH at $0.80 on precisely zero shares traded today. I wonder if the dumbass longs heard about the “get out” warning given to Dorato in the Cenepa region that came from the indigenous group last week? Oh….did mgmt forget to tell you about that one, too? What a surprise….

Explor Resources (EXS.v) up 6.1% at $0.52. The most fun about discovering a bullshit newsletter dumbass’s latest pump job is following it once recognized for what it is. Check out this five day chart of the stock, for example. Would it come as much surprise to you to hear that the latest “super secret” update sent out to sheepsville by Greg McCoach came on Monday morning?

And by the way, I’ve had even more juice about McCoach since this reader’s mailbag update, too. Seems like our pal Greg hardly knows one end of a mine from another. But hey….since when have you needed to actually know about a subject to pass yourself off as an expert? This is the interwebnetpipes age, GetWithDaProgram! Qualifications are so passé (as Casey Research knows only too well).

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