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Trevali (TV.to): Sadly, nobody took me up on the bet offer

Here’s what we wrote in November 2011 regarding the Cardero Group’s Trevali Resources (TV.to):

“…the Santander mine is now due to go online Q1 or Q2 of 2012, according to latest company literature. Anyone fancy taking a bet on this Cardero Group “fact”?”

Here’s what TV.to says today, Feb 1st 2012:

"Commissioning of the 'new' Santander Plant 
is currently scheduled for Q2-Q3 2012."

Errr….I win. Not even finished Q1 yet and they knock back the timeline further, but it is unfortunate to report that the permabull fools who worships at the feet of Henk van Alphen and genuflect at the mere mention of his name didn’t take me up on my bet offer. 
As for the real timeline here, the best guess is that Q3 is still pushing luck hard and 2013 is more like it (just five years after the time they first said Santander would be operational…but hey…who’s counting?). That’s because if you read today’s NR closely, you’ll see that TV.to still needs to be awarded two key permits and is still in negotiations to raise cash for the operation. Thing is, if it were just the isolated incident or two nobody would mind; Mining isn’t an exact science and things are going to go awry at times, so perfection is not required. But when you have a bunch of sophists like the honchos running Cardero Group who display an almost pathological need to lay bullshit on the retail shareholder community, it cannot be ignored.
Not by this humble corner of cyberspace, at least. 
By the way, anyone asked Henk why he’s dropped Dorato Resources (DRI.v) from the Cardero Group front page yet? dyodd, dude

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