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Troy Resources: be long now

I’ve been told I have to insist. Some reader who’s into marketing for a living says that it’s all very well putting the wares up for sale once, but I need to “get in your faces” as he puts it. Me, I’m not sure it’s good to start boring you guys too much with the same post, but let’s see if it gets a couple more sales. I’m up to nine sold and I have a mental target of selling 15 copies of this report to make it worthwhile.

But I also really want you in this stock (booyah!!) as I truly believe it’s a top investment right now and still wildly cheap. And once I make you some real decent money with a real decent, well thought out reco or two you might start believing me a bit more. Anyway, here goes with the reprint; you now have to read it through and then buy your copy…only ten bucks, after all.

Since opening the NOBS bespoke analysis service I’ve written around 20 reports for private clients that have contacted me through this blog. Each time I’ve only put fingers to keyboard when someone has ordered an analysis about a specific company. As a plan to make this blog pay its way the NOBS idea has been quietly successful without setting the world on fire.

This time it’s different. I’ve identified an exciting gold mining company, Troy Resources (TRY.to) (TRY.ax), that in my opinion has all the ingredients of a winning investment right here and right now. So in a break from the norm I’ve written a brand new report on the company for sale to the general public (that means you, dear reader) which details the reasons why I believe this stock to be such a good investment. The report will show you the following:

  • The structure of the company.
  • Its flagship property
  • The financial outlook we can expect from Troy Resources
  • Its management profile
  • We also put a 12-month price target on the stock that may sound like a big number to you, but I believe this stock to be such a bargain that I’m in fact aiming low and using conservative figures for my calculations.
Also, as always the NOBS report explains the risks involved with the stock and looks into any negativity surrounding the company. However, be clear that the job of this report is to make you very interested in buying TRY.to/TRY.ax. This is a very exciting stock and in my opinion just as mouthwatering as the recent successful recommendation of Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) that quickly turned into a triple. I’d really like to see you guys long on TRY for your sake and not mine, and when it comes to miners in LatAm I do know what I’m talking about. Honest.

This report written on TRY.to is on sale as of today, with the price set at a just U$10 payable by PayPal. All you need to do is send ten United States Dollars to my PayPal account, which is….

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
…..and once I have your e-mail address I’ll send you the report (and if you need help in working out how to use PayPal, just drop me a line at the same address above and I can help. It’s already happened a couple of times. The system does take credit cards, BTW).

Now for the necessary disclosure that shows I’m being as fair as possible about this report. Although already sorely tempted to buy this stock I’ve decided to wait at least 72 hours after I send out any purchased reports before buying TRY myself. In other words, you guys get to be long before I do and that’s guaranteed. Secondly, I have received no other form of payment or sponsorship to write this report. In other words, this is just me and you. Lastly, I have received no proposal of any sort from Troy Resources (or anywhere else for that matter) to write this report. In other words, this is my independent reco and nobody’s got the inside track on me.

Now for a final bit of shameless promotion. This unsolicited testimonial below is part of a mail I received last week about the report written on Gold Resource Corp. (GORO.ob), another recomendation that has moved from U$2.90 to its recent U$3.47 price (that’s 19.6% in two weeks…not shabby). Report buyer ‘BF’ said the following:

I read your GORO report – fabulous. I must say if I were writing reports, that would a model for me to aspire to…concise and focussing right in on the pros and cons…it really helped me to have had some info about the company before reading, so that I had some greater appreciation for your commentary. Definitely, ten American dollars well spent…

So thanks for that, BF. Hopefully by now you’re interested enough in this offer to send what amounts to not much more than the commission you pay on a trade to find out just how good an investment I believe Troy Resources to be right now. For U$10 you’ll be getting the same kind of timely information you could have picked up about DMM.to when it stood at $1.22 to $1.30. This Troy Resources report is an investment you won’t want to miss because it will make you money many times over the original investment. That’s me talking, the dude who knows his numbers, his region and his miners. Order your copy today.

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