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True Gold (TGM.v) may have a serious problem at Karma

Read this one first, because it’s the most detailed. Then this. And this. And thisAnd before you ask, yeah my French is more than good enough to read and understand all that, thanking you kindly for asking. And for some interesting background in English, this

There’s a mix of issues that are annoying locals, but none more so than the local Islamic population, concerned about the arrival of an open pit mining operation in a place next to the main regional centre of pilgrimage for devotees. The annual get-together happened in early January (just before this pleasant snap was taken) and the religious heads seem to have decided that TGM isn’t as welcome as the company tries to make out in all of its corporate literature.

The scene at True Gold (TGM.v) Karma, January 14th: 
Maybe the protesters got cold or something.
Which means Franco Nevada (FNV) and Sandstorm (SAND) have a problem, too. In particular, I’m amazed how many times SAND walks blindly into bigtime community problems like this. Is Nolan this gullible all the time, or is it just a run of bad luck?

UPDATE: TGM news release at the opening bell, right here. QUICK! QUICK! SCREENSHOT!

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