Every why hath a wherefore

Two alternatives to “Save Canadian Mining”

  1. Publicly shame and then prosecute, convict and jail Canadian industry magnates when they are caught red-handed running obvious and illegal deals to line the back pockets of themselves and their cohorts. You don’t even have to round them all up, one would be enough pour encourager les autres.
  2. Repeal the uptick rule.

Which one would be more effective in cleaning up the sewer that is Canadian capital markets? Have a think about it.


    Uptick rule. Bre-X, did it feel like the dumb as f*** Judge was in Bay streets back pocket. Or was it the lame prosecution? Hard to tell. By then the pull lead to some very wealthy connected people on and off Bay Street. Once the lie grew big enough the need to keep it going took over. Has the corrupt side of Canadian markets simply pulled in to many elites to ever get it’s due? One things for sure, Bre-X damaged the sector for a decade.


      We need to also ask ourselves why does the sector have a guy in Peru calling BS on it while all the provincial regulators dither. There have been many calls for a national regulator, but again the It never seems to materialize why is that?

    Nikko Montreal Ouest 26/10/20 9:13 am

    author yaps a lot but lets see some substance. Go after Ross…get him fired. Talk is cheap.


      And the comedy crowd arrives. Just For Laughs, Canada.

        Nikko Montreal Ouest 26/10/20 10:05 am

        yap, yap, yap…show me the money. Talk is cheap


          You enter my house unannounced with repeated hostile banalities and then demand attention. You are a troll.

          Hey troll, what’s it like spending your life actively trying to heap misery on others by traipsing around chat rooms and comments sections in order to leave a message that maybe one hundred people will ever read and 99% of those ignore? How is your life plan working out, is this the route to millions you had worked out with your careers advisor? Are you one of those who does it only for the money, or is it the secret sexual thrill, as noted in no end of psychological studies of trolls and troll nature these days (seriously, you ought to check out that field of research, it’s impressive how much you can learn about people like you)? Anyway, my new troll, don’t be afraid to answer any of those questions in your own time. After all…we’re all….anonymous here…right?

            Nikko Montreal Ouest 26/10/20 6:06 pm

            actually, you become hostile to me in your little house.
            My point was you talk and scream a lot, but have you actually produced change? Im curious if its simple banter or bs.
            Id guess the latter. Lets see if your mission to do something meaningful with PAAS and Ross is fluff or real. Ill stay tuned.
            Nobody reads this shiit so it doesnt matter but you have the right idea here and Im actually hoping you achieve your goal.

            Now now, my trolly petit ami, that’s no way to act once invited into someone’s home. You’ve been asked some direct questions, are you man enough to answer them?

            Do you get an erection when you troll? Do you masturbate after publishing? We need to understand your motivations in order to help. Don’t be afraid, a better life awaits.

    No one else says boo to these thugs. So poor little Ross gets a rep tarnish on and Outremont (likely) gets all upset. Why care if it’s conjecture or not? The other three amigos in the ditty have pretty bad rep’s, would you not concur. Lie down with dogs…. Signed: Don Valley West. South of York Mills, East of Bayview, North of Lawrence.

      Nikko Montreal Ouest 27/10/20 7:19 am

      Outremont actually wants to see Ross get in trouble and challenged author to do more than yap. He then starts yelling about masturbation. I wont stoop so low as to even respond, but will be watching to se what he acually does beside wine and wimper. My guess is nada.


    Maybe one day we see author put his thoughts on years of insights and oversights by regulators on Canadian market scams between two pieces of cardboard. Then we see the publicity machine go into action, which would evoke law suites and perhaps even change. A National Regulator with teeth needs to become part of the discussion in the next federal election. A book would certainly help that outcome. A book tour would certainly have some seeking new undies fast.


      The audience and market for such a book would be too small to make it a cost-effective exercise. It’ll have to wait until I retire, which is also unlikely.


    Ah, Darn it. It would be interesting though. Chapter one: Stansburied. Chapter two: Casey study. Chapter three Beatty me up. Chapter four Katusa me baby. And so on. I think I want to write that book.


    Have you noticed how many of the developers hide behind really awful NI 43-101’s? They have shifted the liability onto the SRK’s of this world while getting away with their dodgy scams.


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