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Two IKN policy decisions for the next four years*

It’s going to be impossible to avoid the subject from time to time, of course. He will say and do things that will affect markets, sector financials, foreign policy and what have you from time to time and the T-word is not going to be banned from these pages, that wouldn’t be right. However the all-pervasive way in which he’s taking over newsfeeds, TV reports and print headlines is all too much, it’s gone way over boring. Therefore and with context explained here are the policy decisions:
  • The word “Trump” will not appear in the title line of an IKN post at any point in the next four years*.
  • IKN will not link to any story, report or article that uses the word “Trump” in its headline in the next four years*.

Thank you for your understanding.

*Minimum, it’s potentially eight. Or a thousand, of course.

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