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Two links worth passing on

First, this one to The Economist that does a fair job of summing up the 115 page Latinobarómetro 2008 survey (I suppose..the survey is big and TE has editorial space limits). I’m happy not to have to comment too much on Latin America’s most important yearly survey (apart from a big YAY for Paraguay and Uruguay); last year it was a roaring silence from the media, but now that The Economist has picked up the ball it’ll get thrown around the chattering classes for sure. At the bottom of the TE note is the link to get your copy of the report for free (it’s only available in Spanish).

The second link is to this story in The Asia Sentinel that says China will not make any more investments in overseas mining for the time being. This is scary news for all the Canadian juniors down here and food for thought all round. I should add that I don’t know how reliable the Asia Sentinel is, the note has no named byline and no links to sources. So I’m just passing it on as it is. You be the judge, yeah?

UPDATE: On the subject of the chattering classes…BOREV IN DA HOUSE

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