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Two newsbites from Colombia

Roberto Escobar; totally trustworthy

Is there a more bizarre country in the world than Colombia? Even after over a decade in my beloved LatAm, Colombia is the country that still occasionally makes me sit back, whistle a soft whistle and say “man, that’s weird”, and most of the stories have death as a common theme, too. I wonder why that is? Anyway, here are two great stories:

Story 1: Seventy years after a guy called Ponzi got famous in the USA for ripping off people, Colombians decided to reinvent the wheel. However the repercussions are slightly different for employees of the spectacularly failing DMG pyramid scheme, as 17 of its suppliers are reported as having committed suicide by DMG reps. Otto thinks “have been suicided” is much more likely.

Story 2: Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar’s brother and a man who reputedly killed up to 4,000 in the heyday of his brother’s cocaine empire, says that he has found the cure for AIDS. Now if this doesn’t strike you as bizarro mondo you’re probably from the Planet Zog. Here’s what Roberto Escobar said:

“You can already tell the world that for a while already none of the patients using the medicine has died and after being cured they won’t be contaminating anyone.”

Roberto is currently keeping tight-lipped about the special recipe he’s cooked up for this AIDS cure, but he did say that he’s trying to make contact with a guy called Obama somewhere up North to raise funds for an AIDS clinic in Medellín. No, I’m not making this up. Here’s the link.

Oh how I love, worship and adore Latin America. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

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