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Two totally separate subjects in one post

Regarding bullies, there’s some good advice for parents and children right here. Here’s an excerpt:

“Bullies often pick on someone they think they can have power over. They might pick on kids who get upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. Getting a big reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want. Sometimes bullies pick on someone who is smarter than they are or different from them in some way. Sometimes bullies just pick on a kid for no reason at all.”

Go over to the link for more. There’s strong, practical advice on how to stand up to people that try to throw their weight around, pick on smaller fry and attempt to cow them into submission using dubious logic.

In other news, it’s strange to note that after the IKN post on Casey Research and its Two Tier system of subscribers (the top tier getting buy advice way before the second tier), Casey Research’s David Galland was so very fast in sending in his rebuttal (before 7am the very next day, in fact). However, since IKN ran a critique of Galland’s mail (that was published with due permission from the author) that showed up severe deficencies in the arguments put forward by the “selective memory” (let’s say) of Casey’s Louis James, your humble scribe has had to wait for comment from Galland for two days without a peep as yet, even though there was a question directly asked of him. Let’s repeat that question here, just to make sure it gets through:

Does the (above) evidence suggest that Louis James has
been telling lies in order to cover his tracks, David?
And here’s the chart that accompanies the last post, just by way of a reminder:

We’re looking forward to a response. After all, getting both sides of a issue is important and we’re always willing to give Galland room here. So don’t go all shy on us all of a sudden, David…it’s not like IKN is bullying you in to a response or anything 🙂

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