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Twobreakfasts Approval Rating

The monthly opinion poll from IPSOS/Apoyo Peru is out today, with Twobreakfasts scoring an impressive 26% approval rating. What’s more, 67% of Peruvians disapprove of his work. He scores highest (least lowest would be better) in Lima with 34% approval. As we pointed out the other week, Twobreakfasts’ best polling city is less than Evo Morales’ worst polling city in his country (Santa Cruz, 38%). You want context? We do context.

The above chart puts it all into context. Not only is Twobreakfasts hated by his population, the rejection is consistent (top reasons for disapproving of Twobreakfasts 1) he’s a liar 2)prices are rising 3)there’s no work 4)APRA corruption). Or in other words, they know how bad he is and they don’t need reminding. This is the dude that businesspeople love and English language lapdog media fawn over, of course…hardly a coincidence.

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