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Understanding climate change

The planet is warming. This statement gets agreement from 99% of scientists studying the issue and disagreement from scientists sponsored by rich people that don’t like the idea. As for public reaction:
1) My parents’ generation doesn’t give a fuck.
2) My childrens’ generation thinks it’s the most important problem in the world today.
3) My generation just can’t seem to make up its mind. 
Statement 1 is correct because this generation will be dead before climate change fucks up their lives.

Statement 2 is correct because this generation will still be alive when climate change fucks up their lives.
Statement 3 is correct because this generation can’t decide whether it will be alive or dead before climate change fucks up their lives.

Or put another way, human beings in 2014 are doing their normal thing because the selfish fucks who run the world are still the rich people from my parents’ generation. It just so happens that my kids’ generation will be acting from the very same limbic self-preservation, but don’t get all misty-eyed over the change when it happens, it’s not going to be from altruism or touchyfeelyness about cute fuzzy monkeys in jungles or saving rare mosses in tundra zones. When it’s their turn they’ll be making choices and decisions that coincide with the well-being of the planetary environment, but the key word is coincide, as in coincidence. Because they’ll be the same selfish fucks as we adults are, hardwire reactions don’t change in 50 years and humans will continue to be selfish fucks. 
But there is some good news: We will not destroy the planet*, so take heart from that.

PS: Did I mention the bit about selfish fucks?

*The planet will destroy us.

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