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Understanding Marin Katusa of Casey Research

“Thanks” to two kind readers mailing in, this evening we’re offered up the public image of what Casey Research would like you to believe about the charlatan Marin Katusa right here as he buddies it down with that other Casey bullshit merchant Louis James.
How Katusa really operates is better explained here. Unaccountable to anybody, total cherrypicking of results, sneakily sidestepping responsibility, forgetting the bad losses he causes amongst his sheep, whining and pathetic. In other words, just another typical Casey lipflapper.
So do me a favour, kind and gentle IKN readership; don’t send me links to this company’s bullshit lies any longer cos it’s bad for my blood pressure and I’d prefer to live in ignorance about what these liars do and say to rip off their naïve audience.

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