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Unfortunately for Colombian Drug Traffickers, the DEA doesn’t work in Venezuela any more

Here’s the link to the AFP story in Spanish, and underneath is the OttoTrans. Beats me why I can’t find it in English….after all, capturing a big wheel narco wanted on 16 charges in the USA should be hailed as a big breakthrough in the fight, should it not?

Oh yeah…The Venezuelans arrested him. And his friends. And his friends have already been deported to the USA by Venezuela. So all this time the DEA has had to catch these guys, and they only get collars felt when they cross into territory where the DEA doesn’t operate. Funny that, innit? Anyway, we can’t have stuff like that spreading around so as usual no English versions available on this story bar my translation.


Suspected Colombian Narcotrafficker Wanted by USA Captured in Venezuela

Caracas, 15 November 2008, 02:52pm ET A suspected Colombian drug trafficker wanted by the US courts was captured Friday in Venezuela where the process for his extradition has already started, authorities informed on Saturday.

The detainee was identified as May Adalberto Michel Palacios, 40 years old, who the US Department of Justice accuses of 16 charges related to drug trafficking, according to state news agency ABN.

Palacios is connected with the Colombians Wilmer Villadiego Coneo and Henry Fortis Coneo who were deported from Venezuela to the USA last week.

So far this year, Venezuelan authorities have captured, amongst others, the presumed Colombian drugs chiefs Marcos José Orozco Wilches and Aldo Mario Alvarez Durán, the Venezolano-USA Heber Antonio Pulgar Chacón and the Italian Giovanni Civile

Venezuelan authorities arrested 3,467 people connected with narcotrafficking operations in the first six months of 2008, according to data from the National Antidrugs Office.

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