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I know I should really get in your face and do this more often, marketing and all that, but it always seems to me a bit cheesy. However I’m going to share a testimonial received this morning from a subscriber to The IKN Weekly because 1) he’s a successful indy investor with a public blog on investing that I respect, 2) his line about “teaching to fish” was really cool because it’s one of the most important things I want to get across here and 3) he’s allowed me to name him, so if you like you can check with him for veracity. So here goes, what follows is not my pen:

About Your News Letter…

IKN is my most valuable subscription news letter. You have a genuine edge which gives your readers a clear shot at making good money. Your edge is a better understanding of understanding Latin American politics / economies than any other mining stock picking writer’s I know.

That’s really valuable, but there is another thing which is just as valuable or more valuable to me. You are clearly teaching me to fish (improve my own fundamental analysis-based stock-picking) rather just giving me fish (stock picks). Each NO BS report, if looked at properly, is a great example of how to do fundamental analysis of a mining stock. Prior to receiving them, I invested only in producers and near-producers, because they were the only kind of mining stocks I knew how to value. Now I’m learning how to better analyze those stocks but also am spinning up on how to value explorers.

The improvement in fundamental analysis allows me to improve my own stock picking among the universe of stocks outside of Latin America that you don’t cover.

Sincerely said,

MontyHigh, www.worldofwallstreet.us

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