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UPDATED (and read the updates, folks) The Minera IRL (IRL.to) MIRL.L) proxy forms: The need to know

Many readers and subscribers have reported that their proxy forms have arrived on their doorstep (virtual or otherwise) this week. A couple of you have asked for some basic guidelines so here come the four things you REALLY need to know:

1) If you vote AGAINST the agenda items, that means you’re voting in favour of the current board. In other words, “AGAINST” is a vote for Team Hodges.You’ll also note that the proxy form advises you to vote that way (because the incumbent trash don’t want to lose their jobs).
2) If you vote FOR the agenda items, that means you’re voting in favour of the current board being kicked out and the new board coming in. In other words, “FOR” is a vote for Team Benavides. 

3) BE CAREFUL, because if you leave any of the agenda item votes blank, the  votes automatically go to Team Hodges (i.e. the current management). Being the sneaky underhanded weasels that they most certainly are, hey’ve skewed the terms of the vote to their advantage that way.

4) If you have any doubts at all, don’t hesitate to contact me at…
otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
…and I will forward you mail to somebody inside Team Benavides. They can and will give you all the exact information you’d ever require to get your form filled in correctly. That applies to people with shares held via the market in Canada, London UK and Peru.
As of this week, you the shareholder can get active and help throw out this scummy board who are trying to strip shareholder value away from you (and give it to somebody else while lining their own pockets). So the bottom line is VOTE FOR EVERY ITEM ON THE PROXY. And make sure all your details are filled in correctly, because Team Hodges will use every trick possible to annul valid votes.

UPDATE: Reader ‘RK’ writes in with this, for which we thank him:

 IRL Voting -much easier to do online…just saying

 just ask the broker for the control # and go to this website and voila:


UPDATE 2: An excellent mail from reader “R”, which anyone about to vote using the phone option should read carefully. Here are the necessary extracts:

The…important reason for writing you this message  is that
there could easily be a potential situation in which voters who are in support
of Team Benavides, mistakenly vote against them. The reason I say this is
because when I called in to vote, the very first thing I was prompted to
answer was the question regarding whether I wanted to vote for the
recommendations. The thing is, I can’t recall the exact wording they used and
that’s what worries me. Because if for example the words were “Do you want to
vote along with managements recommendations? If yes, press 1”, does pressing 1
mean that you’re voting for Benavides, or are you actually recording a vote
according to management’s (team arsehole) recommendation, which actually means
you’re siding with them and voting against Benavides? … when the
first question asked ‘Do you want to vote along with the resolutions set out in
the circular?’, I can’t help but wonder if going along with that means you
might actually be voting in accordance with what team Hodges wants us to do,
which is all votes AGAINST the 10 resolutions.
Myself, I didn’t trust that I might mistakenly be giving my votes to the
wrong team, so I went instead to the second option of “To vote for each resolution
seperately, press 2”
, and that way there was no doubt that I was voting “FOR”
each of the 10 resolutions. Also, after voting for all 10 individually, the
prompter confirms the votes by telling you what you voted and asks you to
confirm. I can tell you that in my 22 years of speculating on junior mining
stocks and always voting on every and any resolutions that came up, THIS
TIME was the first and only time I’ve ever truly relished punching all those
buttons and recording each and every one of my (number redacted) shares. 

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