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UPDATED: Colombia Presidential Election, round two run-off: Gallup’s calling it tight

The results of a big voter intention survey, taken between May 31st and June 3rd by Gallup, are doing the rounds in Colombia and on the interwebnetpipes today. Here’s the main table and as the chart is in Spanish and has lots of numbers, I’ve stuck a bit of red on it to guide your kind eyes to the paydirt;

Zuluaga has 48.5% of voter intention and is slightly ahead of Santos, on 47.7%, for the vote next weekend (June 15th is the big day), but it’s tight. People planning to go to the voting station and spoil their ballot count at 3.7%., which is interesting, because it’s down from the 5.99% in round one and also, 55% of Colombians say they’ll vote this time, which is up from 41% who voted in round one. For what it’s worth, a higher turnout is expected to favour Santos and that’s reflected in the headline number, because he lost to Zuluaga by nearly 4% in round one. Yup, this one’s going to the wire.
The control of one of the region’s key countries is up for grabs and in ten days’ time we’re going to get the most interesting LatAm election for a couple of years.

UPDATE: Another poll released just a few minutes ago (midday-ish Friday) and sponsored by reliable media has a different call, with Zuluaga on 49% and Santos on 41%, which would imply a fairly comfortable victory for the challenger. Check that out here.

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