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UPDATED: IKN gets mail from Prophecy Coal (PCY.to)

IKN Nerve Centre™ today received this mail (phone number slight redaction, rest as per):

Dear Sir,
Please remove  below posts:

This post contains confidential information illegally obtained with a recent server breach at Prophecy Coal Corp.
Bekzod Kasimov
Business Development Manager, Prophecy Coal Corp.
+976 9901 XXXX
email: bekzod@prophecycoal.com

Personally I think it must be a mail from a fake account, or perhaps someone’s compromised Bekzod’s mail account at PCY. After all, any real Biz Dev Mgr would understand the concept of public domain material and therefore…

UPDATE: IKN welcomes Stikeman Elliot LLP, legal advisors to Prophect Coal (PCY.to): Glad you could drop by, guys!

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