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UPDATED: Is President Daniel Ortega dead, or just restin’?

All sorts of rumours flying around Central America about the conspicuous absence of Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, these last few days, which are now at Schrödinger Cat level gossip. He was last seen in public 10 days ago, which may not be much for certain heads of State but that’s a whole wowzer job lot for Danny especially as it involved cancelling two scheduled appearances, too.
That and the total radio silence from the govt of Nica in the face of the ever-louder rumours of his demise, that hasn’t helped either
Anyway, good excuse to post this up:

UPDATE: This may turn out to be more than just idle gossip. Word is that Ortega suffered a double heart attack on Saturday morning and was rushed by plane to Cuba for treatment, but died while in transit. That’s a lot of detail and it’s in the face of a still hermetic silence from the government of Nicaragua. Another rumour flying is that they were going to announce his death on March 5th, but now that things are out of hand word will have to go out sooner, perhaps tonight. Anyway, it’s still all rumours and hearsay to this point so let’s see.

UPDATE 2: The rumours are stronger and stronger, including talk coming from unofficial sources in Nicaraguan foreign embassies that Ortega has in fact died of a heart attack in Cuba (or on the flight on the way to emergency treatment in Cuba). What’s most noticeable about the talk is that it’s all one-way traffic and there has been no attempt by officials to counter the rumours. They have a real air of truth about them now and we’re now at the point where it’d be a surprise to find out it’s all some sort of internet ruse. However, we need to underscore that there has been no official word either way, so it’s plainly impossible to confirm his death as yet.

UPDATE 3: We’re now just waiting for official confirmation that he’s dead. Not much left to say until that happens.

UPDATE 4: Turns out he was just restin’ after all. Or see the IKN update post “Daniel Ortega is alive and well and living in Managua” right here, as the dude did some live TV tonight and nipped the whole story in the bud. Must say it was fun while it lasted and I don’t mind admitting they had me on the believing side for a while as well. Lessons, lessons…

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