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(UPDATED) Just in case you’re wondering about Lithium X (LIX.v) and its Argentina problem…

…and what Brian Bri-Bri Paes-Braga needs to disclose in his upcoming annuals, it’s that the company has had its permits suspended in Argentina. That’s because it made a godawful mess when it started to drill, the well literally blew up on them (and there’s a video out there to prove it), the government went ape on them and closed the amateur freakshow down immediately.
Bri-Bri and his pals have been trying desperately to get the suspension lifted before the annuals come out, but to no avail. We’re now in the interesting position where we get to see just how much they decide to disclose of this obviously material event. What’s really worrying the other people working the zone is the fall-out this disaster might have on the whole Li exploration gig going on down there. They’re less worried about Bri-Bri and his upcoming pinkslip.

UPDATE: Oh, was it something I said?

UPDATE 2: We hear that LIX is preparing a press release. This is a good thing. When they deny everything (they’re telling people that this post “is not true”) and say “the permit is on standby”, IKN strongly suggests that inquiring minds phone up Orocobre and ask them about that video of the LIX well blowing up they have over there. And also the regional government of Salta to ask them about the permit suspension.

Extra thoughts in a new post, here.

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