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UPDATED: The BMO Conference Fight Night: Clive Johnson vs Andrew Kaip, plus undercard of Keith Neumeyer vs John Burzynski

Seven types of crap going down in Miami as the mining world’s “great” and…errr…”good” let their hair down.
The main event last night was a fight between Clive Johnson, CEO of B2Gold (BTO.to) (BTG) , who got into a brawl with Andrew Kaip, the analyst at BMO. And the reason was, apparently and unsurprisingly, a girl. On the Kaip side it’s a big surprise, because he’s known to one and all as a mild-mannered, quiet and unobtrusive kind of guy. However The Clive has previous form on this type of thing, as IKN noted last year (that one was over a girl too, so we can at least assume The Clive is not in touch with his feminine side).
Meanwhile we even had an undercard fight last night, as Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver (AG) (FR.to) and First Mining Finance (FF.v) infamy got down and dirty with John Burzynski of the Dundee asset book play Oban Mining. IKN has fewer details on this particular confrontation (except that it happened) but considering those two I’d bet they were fighting over a piece of land rather than a woman. This was a bantamweight showdown.

As news firms up IKN will dish the dirt in updates, of course.

UPDATE: This does not look good for The Clive, however it would seem that Andrew Kaip conducted himself very honourably, did not come to blows with The Clive and in fact was only intervening to stop The Clive from verbally abusing a woman attending the BMO conference. And Clive dude, you’ve got a f–king* drink problem so sort it out before you damage “your f–king* company” (your own cute phrase from last night, back in your face you boorish dumbass). And yes, people CAN speak to you like that, especially if you’re acting like an asshole in public.

UPDATE 2: We hear the Neumeyer vs Burzynski bust-up was over First Mining Finance’s (FF.v) recent purchase of Clifton Star. John laughed at Keith in the face for buying one of the worst piece of crap companies in the whole of Canada until Keith lost it. Hilarity ensued.

UPDATE 3: Don’t be shy, make your vote count in our new survey.

UPDATE 4 Friday morning: What Clive did.

*I’ve taken the F word out because otherwise my missionary pal gets upset with me. So bite me.

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