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UPDATED: The President is unwell

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is on doctor’s order to rest for one month, as from today. This morning she reportedly suffered an irregular heartbeat and a tension headache and as a result, was taken to the Fundación Favaloro clinic (Argentina’s top heart hospital) where she was diagnosed with cardiovascular (UPDATE: the breaking story has changed diagnosis to) brain blood vessel damage and told to take a month off to recover.
Presumably, Veep Amado Boudou will fill in for her in the meantime

Spanish language report here

UPDATE: more details now appearing and the diagnosis is that of a chronic subdural hematoma. You can read about that here but what we can say is that according to today’s reports CFK suffered a bang on the head on August 12th and received a diagnosis for it at the time. The timing of just under two months between then and now is typical for this problem.
The prognosis looks like it requires surgery, possibly a relatively simple drainage of the hematoma.

UPDATE 2: Coincidentally (????) August 12th was the day after her big election loss this year.

Final update: Here’s Reuters English language

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