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Updating the $100,000 Zacapa (ZACA.v) paid pump

In our last episode:

Most of you have probably never heard of Quinton Hennigh before, but he is the #1 most brilliant geologist in the world. He is almost always proven right about every single thing that he says!

Were you tempted to mail P.T. Barnum PhD and ask him about the meaning of life? The truth behind 911? The real location of Barack Obama’s birth? Or did you merely fall for the pumpjob that cost Zacapa Resources (ZACA.v) $100,000?

Retail, the crop that never fails.


    Has the OSC seen the claim that he is always right?

    Cuz the OSC doesn’t like the way the NIA pumps companies.



    Has the OSC seen the claim that he is always right?



    […] Two months ago (to the day) ZACA paid $100,000 to scamfest boilerhouse pumper NIA, which proceeded to give us this pearl of wisdom: […]


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