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Uranium Energy Corp (UEC): Even IKN gets them right on occasion

Let’s not be different to the pack, let’s play the game, let’s conveniently ignore this humble corner of cyberspace’s pathetic call on B2Gold recently and do what any self-respecting BS self-absorbed ego-monster perma-winning promo-pusher does; highlight the good calls. The IKN post The financial joke that is Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) (a.k.a “What Casey Research can do for your portfolio” part 429) dated December 9th (month and a bit ago) finished its purple prose in this manner:
At its current share price of
U$1.03, UEC has a market cap of U$101.86m. Its book value is $27.5m
(give or take the change) which means this company is running a
price/book of 3.7X.
  • Price Book at three point seven times.
  • In this market for miners.
  • For a company with dwindling cash.
  • No production.
  • Every intention to dilute the share count and finance.
  • And $20m of real financial debt on board.
is the type of bovine excrement that Casey Research recommends to
people. A more obvious short in the mining space is difficult to

Here’s how UEC has traded since then:

Or for comparative purposes, here’s its performance sat next to Uranium Participation Corp (U.to) which gives a solid benchmark on the metal’s movements:

On these things it’s just a case of waiting. Financing soon, Amir?

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