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Uranium versus the fantasy world of chartists and shillers

Your humble scribe notes that the chartists out there are having a poke at this corner of cyberspace this morning, mocking some sort of “derision” that was supposedly heaped upon their tushes back on July 20th when I dared to oppose their squiggly line reading with a few charts based on solid numbers and reasoning that concerned U supply and demand going forward.
So let’s see how Uranium has done since that big shill moment back in July when the U pumpers were trying to get everybody into the metal and claiming it was about to go to da moon, Alice. Here’s a table that shows the changes in gold, silver, copper and uranium in the period from that post to today.

Change in metals prices, July 20th to date (U$)

20th July Today % change
uranium 46.50 49.25 5.91%
gold 1183 1325 12.00%
copper 3.28 3.80 15.85%
silver 17.55 23.16 31.97%

Here’s a chart that shows the percentage changes in the spot prices of the metals in question.

So forgive me, but I’m going to continue to ignore the U lah lah brigade and stick with the metals that the world really cares about. DYODD.

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