Take physic, pomp

Uruguay 0, Argentina 1

minute84, the relief goal

I’ve deliberately not written a word on futbol these last couple of weeks so as not to put the hex on Argentina. But it’s all over now, Argentina has escaped and is going to the World Cup Finals in Africa 2010. But my stars, they made me suffer. Argentina has been a mediocre-at-best team all year but to give them due, played well tonight. However they’ll have to improve significantly to win the whole caboodle next year.

The South American teams with a safari ticket are Brazil (who look very good), Paraguay (always solid, good team), Chile (the revelation, manager Marcelo Bielsa has created a fine looking, attacking, stylish team) and Argentina (squeaked into the last direct place today). Uruguay can also make it but have a playoff series to play with either Costa Rica or Honduras.

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