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The centre of the universe:

For any of you goldbugs out there with sudden delusions of genius, thinking you’re getting alpha from the metal’s move this week. You’re not. But that’s a little harsh and you do deserve some credit because, by investing in gold bullion, you stopped yourself from becoming poorer this week. Not many people with financial lives exposed to the US Dollar can say that.


    I see gold as insurance, not an investment. It has no yield and is more correlated to real interest rates than the USD. But unlike fiat shite, it only gets diluted by about 1.5% per year. And calling the USD the “centre” of the universe is kind of like Yanks talking about the UK “Labor” Party. 🙂


      Fair, but it’s (admittedly oblique) short-hand for “centre of the financial universe”. That’s a statement I defend.


    That’s odd, according the the denizens of Toronto, Ontario their city is the ‘Center of the Universe’. 🙂


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