Take physic, pomp

utter nonsense from New Placer Dome

In order to clean up this rotten sector, we as a group need to start openly laughing and ridiculing the idiotic balderdash spewed from the mouths of these snake oil salesmen. I mean…look at this. A “game changer” for a company that has never had a game in its short and stupidly promoted life. 

Max Sali is an animal. Do not feed the animals.

Maximilian Sali, CEO and founder comments: “This drill program at Kinsley marks the beginning of what could be a game changer for our company. Since we announced the definitive agreement to acquire Kinsley back in December of 2019 our team could not wait to get the drills turning on this sleeping giant. we are focused on finding high-grade new discoveries in a gold environment never seen before.”

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