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Vaccines: The older, the wiser

How old are you?

Not talking your date of birth, talking your mental age.


    Chuck Norris doesn’t get vaccinated from Covid. Covid gets vaccinated from Chuck Norris.


    I guess I’m just an ignorant child, mentally of course, because I will follow a doctor & biotech scientist that explained to me he’s not taking any covid vaccine for at least 2 years, since that’s how long clinical trials normally last (at minimum) …but hey, he’s probably an idiot too because everyone knows the science is “settled” …lol


      No, it means you are a coward. A predictable and whiny one, too. One of the self-absorbed idiots who thinks he’s a free thinker and wouldn’t risk a hair of his head for others. A simple yellow-bellied coward and insignificant to the world he ignores. LOL.


        Hey it’s me again sir.

        Take care of your mental illnesses and go check yourself into a psychiatric institution.

        That said, I love your work and always look forward to your posts which are not an expose of your mental health issues.

        I wish you all the best!


      I am a physician and at my large hospital – 97% of all physicians jumped at the chance to get vaccinated. Nursing less than 50%. I see it similar to the climate change experts… you’ll find 3% of them who deny climate change. Problem with both is that it too late when you realized you chose to believe in the idiot minority.


    Not all vaccines are equal. While I applaud the COVID vaccine, the different types and the fast timeline is a point of concern. The COVID vaccine relies on a form of gene and cell therapy that distinguishes it from traditional vaccines. If it is successful it will be a huge milestone for the treatment of diseases and viruses. I am not opposed to vaccination, just cautious, and in the meantime i will still practice good habits to avoid potentially harming others

    Jack Mother Earth 15/03/21 7:55 am

    Lets see….
    If you get the vaccine you :
    a/ can still get the ccp virus
    b/ you can still pass the ccp virus to someone else
    c/ you still have to wear a mask
    d/ you still have to practice social distancing
    and there is a 99 % recovery rate without treatment.
    oh and as of today at least 10 countries ( Norway, Ireland, Thailand, Denmark, Holland, etc.) have suspended vaccines because of side-effects


      f-f-f-feeling nervous, little one?

      TAG under my tin-foil hat 15/03/21 10:17 am

      What facts? The one like 37 people out of 17m that have received the AZ vaccine have developed blood clots. A level that is lower than expected to occur.

      You fuckwits are the same twats that complain about wearing a mask, being in isolation and then want everything to return back to normal without you twats actually having to do anything.

      You soft cocks can stay home, while the rest if us can get vaccinated and get our lives back to normal.

    Jack Mother Earth 15/03/21 8:08 am

    I did not swear, insult or urinate on your furniture.
    I had an opposing view. Opposing views and criticisms welcome.
    Where is my view ?
    Are you a communist ?

    Jack Mother Earth 15/03/21 8:09 am

    pardon me please as I see it now.

    Jack Mother Earth 15/03/21 8:12 am

    Nice deflecting rebuttal but it does not address any of the facts I have stated. I’ll take a bow ( not a knee ) now.


      Tell me, do you sleep with the light on? Or maybe just a little nightlight somewhere, just in case?

      You never know who’s under your bed.

    Jack Mother Earth 15/03/21 9:01 am

    I see how this works. If you can’t shoot down the message then shoot the messenger.
    I thought insults weren’t allowed ?

    FRIAR TUCK sherwood forest 15/03/21 10:04 am

    Both Robin and I think you’re losing it, mate. Time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    Ever consider psycho therapy ? You’re sounding more and more like the Sheriff of Notingham…and the poor sod is off his rocker.

    (And yes, we got vaccinated last week in sherwood forest).


    Consider remedial grammar lessons, they’ll help you win more friends and influence greater people.


    Wear your maa-aaa-aaa-ask, wash your haa-aaa-ands, obey the maa-aaa-an, you’ll be saa-aaa-aafe, listen to your maa-aas-sters. Baa-aaa-aaa!


    Refering to someone as yellow to infer cowardice has it’s origin in the Spanish Inquisition. When the Inquisitors accused one of heresey they were dressed in a yellow tunic gor their show trials. The yellow tunics became to be referred to as Yellow-bellies. Over the years the term has become synamous with cowardice.


    You’re a coward for not jumping off a high building to reduce CO2 emissions.


    Anyone with half a brain should always listen to the experts on the risks and rewards of mass vaccination in a pandemic.



    Otto, the pharma comps are charging countries south of the equator more for the vax than those north.

    Peruvian officials all getting vaxxed by skipping the lines…how were u able to get your vax by now?

    You arent calling others cowards before you have acTually gone thru with it are you?


    […] on reading the interwebz, there are still plenty of cowards out […]


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