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Venezuela: Bizarre even without a pandemic


Venezuela: Bizarre even without a pandemic
There’s not
much about mining in this note, but a word is required on the botched attempt
by a group of mercenaries to capture President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela that came to light last week when the
operation failed (eight dead, many captured including two US citizens). To
begin, it is literally impossible that US intelligence, start with the
CIA, had no knowledge of this incursion and attempted capture of Nicolas
Maduro. And though it is extremely unlikely that the US government were directly
involved (even indirectly is unlikely) we can be sure Pompeo and his people
followed the operation and incursion closely, as it would give clues to the
state of defences around the President. Once it all went wrong it was easy for
the US Administration to distance itself from the incident while also using it
politically, for example Trump telling us that if it had been USA the
country, they would have gone in large (8) and not tried a backdoor extraction.
The macho
shoot-em-up film The Expendables is probably not so far from the truth, except
that the movie version featured competent soldiers of fortune who knew what they
were doing and how to do it. As for those defences, even taking into account
the incompetence of the raiding party the Venezuelan defences showed well,
capturing the heads of the gang within days and hunting down the others with
the help of Russian Special Forces (not a joke (8)).


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