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Venezuela: Gov’t claiming victory

Ali Rodriguez (for it is he)
For your information, here below is this Spanish language report from Spain’s “El Economista” as put through the Ottotrans™. Seems very early to me to call victory……

The “YES” option in Venezuela re-election the referendum has an “irreversible advantage” according to exit polls cited by the Minister of Finance and director of the government PSUV party, Alí Rodríguez.

“Today is certainly a day for celebration” said Rodríguez at a PSUV press conference, one hour and thirty minutes before the close of voting, stipulated at 22:20GMT.

“From what the exit polls are saying the tendency is irreversible and the answer that the people has given is irreversible” said Rodríguez, who called on the opposition not to forment acts of violence and recognize the result.


Meanwhile, El Chigüire brings us this exclusive photo of Chávez voting today:

UPDATE, 8:10pm EST

It sure looks like Chávez has his win and by a relatively comfortable margin, too. Exit polls just released have the “YES” winning by a minimum of 53% and a maximum of 60.9%. Here are the four exit polls released up to now:

PLM Group: YES 60.9%, NO 39.4%
CGC: YES 56%, NO 44%
IVAD: YES 54%, NO 46%
Consul 3011: YES 53%, NO 47%

But the really good news is that Da Boorev is on the case, in the house and at the keyboard, so follow all the fun as he updates and updates on the unfolding results until he get drunk and starts calling us all his best pals. Here’s the link.

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