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Venezuela, just like where you live

One of the overriding impressions given by the faux press coverage of Venezuela (and LatAm in general come to think of it) is that for gringos it must be like visiting the Planet Zog. So to put your mind at rest and show you that Venezuela isn’t that much different than any other place you’d care to mention, here’s a story picked up by reader UL from the blog Okrim Opina. First here’s the photo of a classified advert as found by Okrim in the Venezuelan newspaper Ultimas Noticias

… and now here comes the translation into English:

7 Rentals

Just for you. Don’t let yourself be evicted if
up to date with rent payments we
you (5) years (of residence).
We also evict
(in) 2 months.
Tel 0414-322.01.83

Yes indeedy folks, scumbag lawyers and shysters that will charge you an arm and a leg to get legal backing for your rented apartment and then hire themselves out to your landlord a week later to turf you out are prowling the streets of Caracas, too. Nice to know there are some things you can rely on in any big city, isn’t it?

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