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Venezuela: The day Chavismo feared has arrived

It’s the day Venezuelan opposition finally showed signs of political maturity.

Pre-Chávez, Venezuela was ruled by an oligarchic elite (and that’s not an overdose of rhetoric) that never needed to explain themselves to their underlings as they never bothered to include the vast majority in the political franchise. Then along came Chávez and that has now changed forever. Since that time, the reaction from the upper and middle classes has basically been one of the petulant schoolboy stomping his feet in rage that someone dared to steal back that which he had stolen.

However, this post over at oppoblogger Quico’s Caracas Chronicles site may just mark the moment when Chávez finally has something to fear from the opposition. A much-needed dose of maturity is shown by Quico as he makes it clear to his fellow oppos (much to the disgust of some of them..check the 100+ comments) that Chávez is not a dictator. In fact, he recognizes something that has been clear to non-rabid outside observers for some time; the rest of the world laughs at an oh-woe-is-me opposition that tries to lump a democratically elected, re-elected and re-re-elected President who has brought social justice to his country with the real dictators of our time (Stalin, Pinochet, Amin, Pol Pot etc etc).

So go read Quico’s post, “The Dictatorship Canard”, for yourself. It’s linked right here. You may or may not agree with the whole thrust and political background of Quico, but that’s beside the point. The overriding reason why it makes such a refreshing change from the usual drivel written by the anti-Chávez brigade can be summed up in three words: It is intelligent.

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