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Venezuela’s parallel rate

Interestingly, the Venezuelan parallel exchange rate is now at its strongest level versus the dollar in the whole of 2009.

So what was that about Venezuela going to the dogs in 2009 again? You hear the same story every single year from the Chavez-haters and the dumbasses who don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand there is more than one way to run a country economy. The “Milton or nothing” brigade have learned squat from the debacle of the last two years in the USA and still insist on raising their voices and telling the world that Venezuela is about to go the hell in a handbasket; the same chickenlittle shilling that we heard from them in 2004 and 2005 and 2006 and 2007 and 2008….and we’ll get it from these dumbasses in 2010 too, for sure.

Understanding politics for these people is easy. “We don’t like him cos he doesn’t think like us.” But in the narrow-minded world of uneducated gringos, heterodox economics= cannot possibly work. How many more years of Venezuela’s economy NOT failing do you need before you admit you’re wrong?

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